How to Get Komala Pokemon GO 2023

If you want to know how to get Komala in Pokemon GO in 2023, you’ve come to the right place. It will take some doing, and your window will be pretty narrow. However, it won’t exactly be impossible. The little koala is only for the Pokedex, anyway. So, how do you catch a Komala? Let’s get into it.

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how to get komala pokemon go 2023
How to Get Komala Pokemon GO 2023

How to Get Komala in Pokemon GO 2023

To get Komala in Pokemon GO in July 2023, you’ll have to take part in the Catching some Z’s event. Your window will be between July 15th at 10 AM local time and July 16 at 8 PM local time. It will be a rare spawn in the wild, and that’s it. The koala Pokemon will not appear in any Raids or Eggs or anything like that. And being a rare spawn, it’ll take you a while to encounter one, if you do at all. Is it worth the effort? Beyond bragging rights, not really. But if you’re already out there, maybe trying to get the nightcap Snorlax, might as well look for a Komala.

Can Komala be Shiny?

In other games, Komala can be shiny, but not in Pokemon GO. At least, that’s the case as I’m writing this. Could Niantic add a shiny version of the cute koala at some point in the future? Sure, it has happened before. For now, though, there’s only the regular Komala. If they do add its shiny, you’ll be able to tell the difference real easy. The little stump it’s holding will be pink and white instead of the color of wood; there’s no way you’ll miss it. It looks like it’s holding a weird cake. And by the way, Komala doesn’t have any evolutions, either. So, aside from completing the Pokedex, you don’t really need it for much. Komala is not gonna be much use in battles, either.

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