BG3 Viconia, Kill or Spare Choice

Even though Baldur’s Gate 3 takes place over a hundred years after the events of Baldur’s Gate 2, there are several returning characters. As the Forgotten Realms is home to many long-lived creatures, this shouldn’t come as too much of a surprise. Some of these characters – such as Minsc and Jaheira – can join your party as companions, abd other ones like Volo or Elminister will aid you in your adventures. Then, there are those that want to harm you. Viconia DeVir, the Drow Cleric of Shar, is one such NPC. When you confront her, you will be given a choice to kill or spare Viconia in BG3. What should you do and what are the consequences of each of these choices? We cover both of them here in this guide.

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BG3 Viconia, Kill or Spare Choice
BG3 Viconia, Kill or Spare Choice

BG3 Kill Viconia or Not Choice

As part of the Daughter of Darkness companion quest, you will be given a choice of whether to give Shadowheart over to Viconia and her cultists, or to refuse. Naturally, refusing to do so will result in a fight against them. Once you have beaten them, another important choice is going to be presented – to either kill or to spare Viconia. Let’s see what both of these will result in, starting with killing her. If you have picked this option, you will get approval from Minsc, but much more importantly – you will also be able to loot her remains. This will get you the following items: Viconia’s Priestess Robe, Handmaiden’s Mace, Viconia’s Walking Fortress, and Viconia’s Personal Chest Key. All of these are excellent items.

On the other hand, if you spare her – Jaheira will approve. After that, Viconia is going to leave. Don’t worry, you won’t be seeing her again. So now that we know what both choices lead to – which choice is the better one? Well, it depends on several things. First of all, what sort of character you want to role-play as. And secondly, if her gear is going to really help out your – or your companions’ – build. Personally, since we had fond memories of traveling with her in BG1 and BG2, we spared her.

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    FYI – You can just right click and loot her before talking to her after the fight.

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      this guy is an absolute genius

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    Christopher Anders

    You saved her BG 1 and in shadows of Amn and married her in Throne of Bhaal. And had a child with her. And Loth asasains poisoned and killed . How she come back 100 years later I know Shar had favor for her and possibly brought her back yay .I loved her character from beginning.

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