Make Sure to Tie Up Any Loose Ends Before Advancing BG3

It’s a very common practice for large games to be divided into multiple chapters or acts. These work as a great way to indicate your position in the story, and to limit your power progression before you are supposed to reach high-level areas and content. Though, it is also often the case that, once you get to a new Act, the content in the previous Act is going to be closed off. This can take the form of not being able to revisit past areas, and quests and sidequests that you haven’t gotten around to solving – no longer being available. In BG3, you’ll get the “Make Sure to Tie Up Any Loose Ends Before Advancing!” message. What does it mean, and should you press Yes or No? Read on to find out.

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Make Sure to Tie Up Any Loose Ends Before Advancing BG3
Make Sure to Tie Up Any Loose Ends Before Advancing BG3

Make Sure to Tie Up Any Loose Ends Before Advancing in Baldur’s Gate 3

This is a standard message that indicates that you are at an important turning point in the game. When you press Yes, you will progress to another chapter. While typically no content is going to become unavailable, things do change during several critical points in Baldur’s Gate 3’s story. For example, Dammon the Infernal Mechanic is going to leave the refugee camp and go somewhere else. There are plenty of small – and big – differences such as this in the game.

So what’s the best course of action here? Well, while we didn’t find any of the side quests broken or failed once we progressed to a new Act, it’s always best to err on the side of caution. You will be able to get back to the Act 1 areas once you start Act 2, and the quests don’t seem to be impacted by this (though we can’t guarantee that this is the case with absolutely every quest in the game). You’ll even have the option of doing the second route’s content (which you really should, as this is a great source of additional XP and loot). Bottom line – BG3 is designed with accessibility in mind, so advancing to another Act most likely won’t cause you too much (or any) trouble.

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