BG3 Save Vanra Bugged, Captain Grizly Zero Health

In our BG3 Save Vanra Bugged, Captain Grizly Zero Health guide, we are going to show you how to fix this bug in Baldur’s Gate 3. If you beat the captain up to the point of no HP, you can’t interact with her anymore. This is a huge problem, because you absolutely must talk to Grizly to proceed with the quest. So, what are you supposed to do? Let’s find out!

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bg3 save vanra bugged captain grizly zero health
BG3 Save Vanra Bugged, Captain Grizly Zero Health

How to Fix Captain Grizly Zero Health Bug in BG3 Save Vanra Quest

The only way to fix the Captain Grizly zero heath bug in the BG3 Save Vanra quest, in which the captain ambles around at zero health and cannot be interacted with, is to heal her. That should let you continue the quest as proper. Alternatively, you can bonk her with a non-lethal attack (you can switch the type of attack in one of the bars in the bottom of the screen). Taking this route does have the chance to leap over a large portion of the quest, though, so I wouldn’t necessarily recommend it. That’s as far as we can go without getting into spoilers. Only keep reading if you don’t mind learning the identity of the captain (though I’m sure you’ve guessed it by now).

See, you have to heal Captain Grizly from zero health to fix the BG3 Save Vanra quest bug because she needs at least a few HP in order to reveal her true form. As the more astute of you have likely seen coming, she’s actually Auntie Ethel in disguise. After the transformation, you can talk to her properly and then proceed to save Vanra. However, it seems like you can finish her in captain form with a non-lethal attack and carve Vanra from her belly. Or chuck a vial of Hag’s Bane at her to force her to regurgitate the poor girl. Not entirely sure you can do it at this point of the quest, but if so, you’ll jump over the rest of the quest.

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