All Armored Core 6 Chests, AC6 Containers Locations

Knowing where to find all AC6 chests is essential if you want to collect the best parts for your mech in Armored Core 6. Painstakingly choosing the best parts for your build is the core experience of Armored Core 6. With all the customisation options that players have at their disposal, you can create just about any type of build that suits your playstyle and the specific mission requirements. And having even more options means, of course, more fun! In this guide, we explain where to find all Armored Core 6 parts container locations.

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AC6 Chests Locations

All Chests in Armored Core 6, AC6 Containers Locations

Before we jump to our list below, a small disclaimer. This guide is a work in progress. We are still playing and discovering Armored Core 6 chests. Thus, the list below is not yet complete. However, we will regularly update this guide and add new AC6 chest locations as soon as we find them. With that said, here’s the list of all Armored Core 6 chests we’ve currently discovered.

HC-3000: Wrecker HeadChapter 2, “Infiltrate Grid 086” Mission 12 During the “Reach center of Grid 086’s lower level” objective, you’ll enter the main building and drop into the hole. A chest will be in the back of the room behind you, in the corner.
2C-3000: Wrecker Core Chapter 2, “Infiltrate Grid 086” Mission 12 Once you pass the room with a massive furnace, you’ll enter another room with a bunch of MTs. You’ll spot a chest on the ground there.
AC-3000: Wrecker Arms Chapter 2, “Infiltrate Grid 086” Mission 12 Enter the huge pipe in front of the furnace. Just go through it until you eventually drop into a hole. Continue down the path, and you’ll eventually find a chest.
2C-3000: Wrecker Legs Chapter 2, “Infiltrate Grid 086” Mission 12 Right before the “Annihilate enemy MT squad” task, there will be a part of the train tracks ramp with a slight drop. The AC6 Hidden Part Chest will be there.
IA-C01W1: Nebula Plasma RifleChapter 3, “Survey the Uninhabited Floating City” Mission 19 After you shut down the first fog control apparatus, you will eventually be attacked by a flying sniper enemy. Check out the roof from where that enemy came, and you’ll find an Armored Core 6 Chest there.
IA-C01G: Aorta Generator Chapter 3, “Tunnel Sabotage” Mission 18 When you enter the tunnels, you’ll receive a message about PCA. At that point, turn left and look for a room with a couple of foes and LC shooting lasers. You’ll find an AC6 Chest in here.
WB-0010: Double Trouble ChainsawChapter 3, “Eliminate ‘Honest’ Brute” Mission 24 Immediately after the third waypoint, check out a huge open platform to your left. Descend towards it, and you’ll spot a bunch of red lasers attacking you. The chest will be on top of this platform, almost at the centre of it.
BC-0600: 12345 BoosterChapter 3, “Eliminate ‘Honest’ Brute” Mission 24 Once you grab the Chainsaw part, descend again to another platform below you. At this point, Brute will contact you. Turn in the opposite direction from the quest marker. The AC6 chest will be there, near the end of the platform.
WB-0000: Bad Cook FlamethrowerChapter 3, “Eliminate ‘Honest’ Brute” Mission 24 As a part of the story, you’ll eventually reach enemies protected by a green/blue energy shield barrier. Pass through the shield and head towards a room with red lasers. An Armored Core 6 chest will be at the bottom of that room.
IA-C01L Ephemera LegsChapter 4, “Underground Exploration – Depth 1” Mission 28 As you descend down the shaft, at one point, the shutters will close, signalling that there’s an objective “Reach the End of Depth 1” in a nearby room. When you enter that room, head to the room behind it, and there will be an Armored Core 6 Chest inside it.
IA-C01B: Gills BoosterChapter 4, “Underground Exploration – Depth 2” Mission 29Beat the G5 Iguazu AC mini-boss, and then head through the gorge until you enter a room with a blue laser firing at you. Defeat the laser, and you will find an AC6 hidden chest to the right of the door that had previously closed after you had beaten the laser.
IA-CO1W2: Moonlight Blade Arm WeaponChapter 4, “Reach the Coral Convergence” Mission 34 When you start the mission, fly northwest until you spot a highway viaduct broken in half and a massive bridge. Finally, look down, and you’ll spot some robots fighting.  An AC6 chest will be right where they are battling.
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  1. C

    There’s one more chest in underground exploration 2.
    Inside the vent

  2. N
    Nicholas Zemore

    Missing parts, at a minimum, missing the ephemera arms in the depths 2 mission

  3. T

    there’s also 5-6 chests in new game ++ the coral weapons

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