Baldur's Gate 3 Speak With Animals Guide

In our Baldur’s Gate 3 Speak With Animals guide, we are going to explain how to talk to animals in BG3 and where you can find a Potion of Speaking with Animals. The ability lets you talk to all kinds of animals, which definitely adds flavor to the game and might even help you out in some situations. I mean, it lets you speak with Scratch the dog and convince the doggy to join your camp. What more reason do you need? Let’s get into it.

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baldurs gate 3 speak with animals guide
Baldur’s Gate 3 Speak With Animals Guide

How to Talk to Animals in Baldur’s Gate 3

There are two ways to speak with animals in Baldur’s Gate 3: you either cast the spell of the same name, or you get and drink the Potion of Animal Speaking. As far as the spell is concerned, it’s a Level 1 spell from the Divination school. You cast it on yourself and it lasts for one day. It doesn’t require you to concentrate, so you can cast other stuff while still retaining the ability to talk to animals. The classes that can learn the spell include Bard (College of Valour and Lore), Druid, Ranger, Warlock, Wildheart Barbarian, and Oath of the Ancients Barbarian.

I assume that Wizards can also learn this spell, but I’m not certain. What I do know is that Warlocks can get the Beast Speech invocation and talk to animals whenever they want to without expending a slot. Also, Forest Gnomes get the spell by default, because Gnomes are just awesome.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Speak With Animals Potion Location

The one location of the Speak with Animals potion in Baldur’s Gate 3 we know of is in the Blighted Village. Go into the house whose entrance coordinates are X: 37, Y: 390. There’s a wooden hatch in the floor at the back of the house, at these coordinates: X: 35, Y: 377. Interact with the hatch and you’ll find yourself in the basement, at the bottom of a wooden ladder. To the left of the ladder is a room with a large stone table. At the far wall of that room is a wooden chest, and that’s where the potion is. The coordinates of the chest are X: 712, Y: 358. This might change in the full release, so we’ll be sure to update the guide post-launch.

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