Jagged Alliance 3 Chimurenga Missing Bug

If you are not sure where to find the Jagged Alliance 3 Chimurenga in Pantagruel (sector D8), you are not alone! The third instalment in the legendary tactical strategy has proven to be a worthy successor, as fans seem to absolutely enjoy it. However, there are some bugs here and there. Read on as we talk about the missing Chimurenga glitch in JA3.

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Jagged Alliance 3 Chimurenga Missing Bug
Jagged Alliance 3 Chimurenga Missing Bug

Jagged Alliance 3 Chimurenga Missing in Pantagruel Glitch

Fans of tactically deep turn-based combat, rejoice! After the superb Desperados III from 2020, in 2023, another legendary franchise resurfaces with its third part. Jagged Alliance 3 is a superb experience with a captivating story, memorable characters, excellent level design, and engaging gameplay mechanics. It is an almost unanimous opinion among fans and critics that the developers had done a great job in creating this game. However, unfortunately, there are some bugs here and there. Currently, the most annoying bug in Jagged Alliance 3 has to do with Chimurenga missing in Pantagruel.

Namely, at a certain point, you are supposed to meet with Chimurenga in Pantagruel (sector D8). However, he simply isn’t there. Chimurenga should appear with a squad in Pantagruel if you didn’t visit Pantagruel earlier on and befriended the communists. However, a number of players are suffering from a bug, where he doesn’t appear in Pantagruel. “I’m supposed to meet Chimurenga in Pantagruel (D8), but he is nowhere to be found,” writes Steam user Couga. And there are many others talking about the same bug in that thread. If everything goes as it should, a cutscene should ensue, and a fight. However, the cutscene never happens for many players. Hence, they never meet Jagged Alliance 3 Chimurenga in Pantagruel.

Unfortunately, at the time of writing, there doesn’t seem to be a proven workaround for this glitch. However, the good news is that the developers are aware of this bug and are working on solving the issue. We will make sure to update the article if we find a solution. Finally, if you know of a workaround, make sure to share it with us in the comments section!

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