Baldur's Gate 3 Split Screen on PC & Steam Deck, How to Start BG3 Couch Co-Op

In our Baldur’s Gate 3 Split Screen on PC & Steam Deck, How to Start BG3 Couch Co-Op guide, we will explain how you can play Baldur’s Gate 3 in local co-op. There’s more than one way to pull it off, and we’ll talk about both methods. We’ll also briefly talk about why it’s currently not working on the Steam Deck and some other limitations of the system. Let’s begin.

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baldurs gate 3 split screen on pc & steam deck how to start bg3 couch co-op
Baldur’s Gate 3 Split Screen on PC & Steam Deck, How to Start BG3 Couch Co-Op

Baldur’s Gate 3 Split Screen on PC, How to Play BG3 Couch Co-Op

There are two ways that you can play Baldur’s Gate 3 in split screen, aka play BG3 in couch local co-op. The first one is to connect both controllers, and then wait for player one to get to the character creation screen or until they actually get into the game. Then, press any button on the second controller, and you should be able to access the couch multiplayer this way. Granted, player two will have to go through the character creation using half the screen, but oh well.

The second way is to select multiplayer in the main menu and create a game. When you get to the point where you add other people, you can add a person via the second controller. Keep in mind that you will have to disable Steam inputs to prevent the controls getting messed up. Right-click the game in the library, then select Properties. Disable Steam inputs under Controller Settings.

Baldur’s Gate 3 Split Screen on Steam Deck

The Baldur’s Gate 3 Split Screen on the Steam Deck is disabled because… it’s the Steam Deck, according to Larian’s director of publishing on Twitter. In other words, how would you even play BG3 in local couch co-op on a screen that small? I know that a lot of people connect the Deck to their TV and play that way, so who knows, maybe it’ll be possible in the future.

I wouldn’t bet on it, though, because you must have two controllers to play couch co-op. You can’t even use a keyboard and mouse plus one controller. While we’re on the subject of limitations, player two can’t control one of the companions; they have to make their own, separate character.

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