BG3 Temple of Bhaal Doors

During the final portion of the game, you will need to find a way to access the Temple of Bhaal in Baldur’s Gate 3. You are going to have to somehow enter this place in your pursuit of Orin. Of course, nothing can ever be as simple as that, so there are several things that you need to know before you can go inside. Namely, how you can open its doors that are preventing your entry. In this guide, we are going to show you how to enter the Temple of Bhaal in BG3 and open its doors.

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BG3 Temple of Bhaal Doors
BG3 Temple of Bhaal Doors

How to Open Temple of Bhaal Door BG3

Once you get to the Undercity Ruins, you will find that there is a door that is barring your way forward. There are several ways you can get inside. The first method is to either eliminate the Tribunal, or to join them as one of the Assassins. Then you can tell the door this and it will let you inside. Alternatively, you can also shoot the bodies that are hanging there. Doing this will likewise cause the door to open up.

How to Open Second Solid Door in Temple of Bhaal BG3

The other set of doors is called the Solid Doors. There is only one way to get inside. You need to have the Amulet of Bhaal in your inventory. If you don’t have it, here’s how to get the Amulet of Bhaal. In any case, once you have it, simply interact with the big stone doors. You will get the option to place the Amulet against the door and doing this will cause it to open. The way inside is now finally open, and you are at long last free to explore the Temple and its many dangers.

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