Genshin Impact Lumidouce Bell Map Location

In our Genshin Impact Lumidouce Bell Map Location guide, we are going to show you where you can find the new material and which character you can ascend using it. Appropriately to their name, these flowers are shaped as bells, as you can see in the image below. They will most likely be one of many draws to the new area that will be added in update 4.0, Fontaine.

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genshin impact lumidouce bell map location
Genshin Impact Lumidouce Bell Map Location

Genshin Impact Lumidouce Bell Map Location

At time of writing, we don’t know for certain where the locations of the Genshin Impact Lumidouce Bell is going to be on the map. However, we do know a few things from leaks and other sources. And, of course, we’ll update the guide with the exact location where the bell-shaped flowers appear as soon as we can. Anyways, since Fontaine is going to be the new region added in version 4.0, we can reasonably assume that this is the place Lumidouce Bells are going to spawn. In fact, if the leaks are correct, they’ll grow mostly north of the Court of Fontaine. That is one of the major POIs you’ll get to explore in the new update. Since the bells are an ascension material for Lynnette, they will most likely respawn every 48 hours. We’ll have to wait and see.

So, that’s all we know about the potential location of the Lumidouce Bell(s) in Genshin Impact, and what it’s used for. I’m sure many of you will devise a faster way to farm them at some point, but that’s a whole different matter. All of that said, we have to mention that Golden Hyperborea, Coppelius’ play, features the Lumidouce Bell under the name Weeping Crystal. It represents the flower as yearning for its home while it aimlessly trudges around frozen wastelands. The eternal winds keep its beauty intact, but at the cost of all the constant sadness.

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