BG3 Umbral Gems Puzzle, Where to Find Umbral Stones

In our BG3 Umbral Gems Puzzle, Where to Find Umbral Stones guide, we are going to show you how to solve the Umbral Gems puzzle in Baldur’s Gate 3 and where all four of them are. It is a long trek to collect all the Umbral Stones, and you will have to beat some trials. However, you will have to do it in order to progress, so we’ll explain how to do it right now. Let’s begin.

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bg3 umbral gems puzzle where to find umbral stones
BG3 Umbral Gems Puzzle, Where to Find Umbral Stones

How to Solve Umbral Gems Puzzle and Find Umbral Stones in Baldur’s Gate 3

To solve the Umbral Gems puzzle in BG3, you have to find four Baldur’s Gate 3 Umbral Stones. The first Umbral Gem is in the Soft-Step Trial, at these coordinates: X: -830, Y: -754. You have to sneak through the maze without getting seen, find the Soft-Step Key in the secret room, and then keep heading west until you find the statue holding the gem.

how to solve umbral gems puzzle and find umbral stones in baldurs gate 3
First Umbral Gem location

The second Umbral Gem location is in the Self-Same Trial. You will have to fight against clones of you and the rest of your party. If you want to cheese it, strip everyone naked and unequip everything before touching the bowl. When your clones appear, they too will be in their birthday suits. Put everything back on and kick their butts. Also, seeing invisibility will be handy because the clones will be dipping in and out of the shadows.

how to get self same trial second umbral gem baldurs gate 3
Second Umbral Gem location

The location of the the third of four Umbral Gems in the BG3 puzzle is in the Faith-Step Trial. For this test, raise your brightness way up to see all the platforms and take a screenshot if you don’t want to remember where they are. You can kinda cheat the system if some of your characters can jump, fly and/or cast Dimension Door. Good luck!

Third Umbral Gem location

The fourth Umbral Gem location is in the Orthon’s lair. The devil’s name is Yurgir, and he’s a tough fight. However, if you have the gift of gab, you can talk him into killing his cohorts and then himself, as we’ve explained in our How to Beat Yurgir Fast guide. However you deal with him, be sure to pick up the Umbral Stone from the stairs next to the throne.

Fourth Umbral Gem location

Before we wrap up, we need to tell you that you do not need a fifth Umbral Gem. If you plop the four Gems too quickly, the game just won’t register that you’ve put one of them in. So, just take it nice and easy and you won’t have any trouble.

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