BG3 Wyll Pact Choice, Save Father or Not

In our BG3 Wyll Pact Choice, Save Father or Not guide, we are going to show you what happens if Wyll breaks the pact or if you save Wyll’s father in Baldur’s Gate 3. Needless to say, we are going to SPOIL a lot of the game, including some elements of the ending. Nothing too in-depth when it comes to the endings, but still. It’s necessary to impress upon you the results of each choice. Let’s begin.

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bg3 wyll pact choice save father or not
BG3 Wyll Pact Choice, Save Father or Not

Wyll Breaks the Pact Choice BG3

If you go with the choice where Wyll breaks his pact with Mizora and doesn’t save his father in BG3 or Baldur’s Gate 3, he will be able to keep all of his Warlock abilities. That’s one of the rules in fifth edition – Warlocks get to stay Warlocks regardless of how they act with their patron. And he’ll finally be free of the devil. On the other hand, Wyll is going to remain despondent over his father’s fate for the rest of the game, and your party will be displeased.

More importantly, it seems like Wyll’s father is going to be a key character in the rebuilding of Baldur’s Gate after the events at the end of the campaign. However, you can find the guy without Mizora and save him. Hint: check out the Save the Gondians and Avenge the Ironhands quests; they should point you in the general direction. Another hint: he’s in the vicinity of the Iron Throne, underwater.

BG3 Save Wyll’s Father Choice

If you decide to save the father instead and honor the pact Wyll has with Mizora in BG3, you will immediately know where Gortash is holding the duke. That way, you’ll ensure he will survive until the end of the game. The duke can die if you take too long to save him, you see. And considering the man’s potential importance to the proceedings later on, this is probably the way to go unless you really use Wyll all the time. As miserable as this option might seem at the outset, funnily enough, it does seem like it doesn’t weigh on our beloved Warlock’s soul. And also, the majority of your party members will approve of this route. Not to mention that the duke has a huge secret to tell you about a guardian that keeps Baldur’s Gate safe and can be summoned to your aid.

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