Main Sewer Junction Question Mark Riddle

There are some games you don’t get a chance to play until much later. This happened with me and Batman: Arkham Asylum, which I got during the Holiday sale on Steam.

Main Sewer Junction Question Mark

I had a marathon session with the game and went through the main story in one day of gameplay. I am a collector in hearth so I tried to collect as many Riddler trophies and solve as many riddles as possible, without losing too much time on it. During the Riddle hunt I came across this one Question Mark riddle, located in Main Sewer Junction, that I thought was very interesting. These puzzles require you to align the dot of a question mark with the rest by positioning your character in the right spot and “taking a picture” of the aligned question mark. Main Sewer Junction riddle says: “A puzzle has many sides, but only some are visible?”. Here’s the Main Sewer Junction Question Mark alignment solution in screenshots.
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    Starria Rainbow

    Thank you soooo much! This riddle has been taunting me for days! Lol 😀

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