Far Cry 3 Kick the Hornet’s Nest

Far Cry 3 Kick the Hornet’s Nest quest intro

Kick the Hornet’s Nest is a followup quest to Bad Side of Town main story quest. This is one of the best and probably the most entertaining quest in Far Cry 3.
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What makes it so unique is the quest objective and the song that will be playing while you are doing it. Far Cry 3 Kick the Hornets Nest

Confront the white suit man.

Upon entering the house you saw the white suit man enter, you hear his voice from a speaker warning you to introduce yourself or he will activate the C4 explosive and blow up the house. After you prove you are worthy of his trust he opens the door that leads to the basement.

Go talk with Willis.

White suit man is called Willis. When you reach him he introduces himself as an agent who is working for the USA Government. He is willing to help you out with your friends, but he asks for a favor in return. You are going to need to set drug fields of a Vaas’ boss named Hoyt Volker on fire in order to bait him to come to the Isle. After leaving Willis’ house, you talk with Dennis over a phone, where he confirms that Hoyt is bigger evil then Vaas, and that he controls all bad things on the Island.

Burn all the drug crops in the area.

Helping out Willis means burning down drug fields. In order to do that you need to use the flamethrower Willis gave you. When you set one plant on fire it will spread on other plants in the field. After a while the field gets completely burned and your task is considered done. There are gasoline barrels you can set on fire as well and that will help burn the fields faster. At the first location you can find two drug crop fields.

Burn all of the remaining drug crops.

After burning down the first two drug crop fields, there are three more to go to. More fields means more pirates guarding them.

Reach the fishing village.

Fishing village is next to the drug field you just burned down. It serves as a base from where they send the drugs they make on the fields.

Destroy the boat.

Boat you need to destroy can be found at the end of the wooden dock. You can approach it from the village side, or from water. As soon as the pirates notice you, they will alarm others, and the boat will start driving away. When that happens you will have a very short time to destroy the boat. You need to destroy it with the rocket grenade you find at the end of the dock, but you can also disable it by killing the pirate that is driving it.
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