Batman Arkham Knight Characters Unmasked Video

In a brand new episode of Arkham Insider, their weekly webcast, Rocksteady let lead character artist Albert Feliu Gomis elaborate on the design process and thought that went into creating several of the main characters, including the Arkham Knight, Scarecrow and Batman.

He opens up by talking about the Arkham Knight, the new villain that threatens to burn Gotham to the ground with his large military force. He’ll have drones both in the air and on the ground, piloting tanks even.
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The infantry he’ll send into combat will be uqipped with kevlar and guns. We still don’t know his true identity, but some fans are claiming he might be Jason Todd, also known as Red Hood.

Next up is Scarecrow. If you’ve played the first game or watched the movies, you’ll remember him. He’s the scientist who made the fear toxin, threatening to poison the whole of Arkham with it. He might be the mastermind behind the league of evil-doers you’ll have to fight.

Finally, there’s Batman himself. His suit has been redesigned to match the Batmobile, in both material, contours and color. He’s still the same old hero Gotham deserves, only this time, he looks cooler.

Batman: Arkham Knight is going to be released on June 23rd on Playstation 4, Xbox One and PC.

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