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Bleake Island Riddler Victims are three bomb victims you have to find and save from Riddler. To start, you have to find and step on three of Riddler’s pressure plates.
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This is where he informs you that he’s planted a bomb inside the head of one of the nearby rioters. In order to save him, you have to identify this particular target from a group of thugs with your Remote Batarang. When one of them turns red, it means you have to electrify your batarang and hit him with it.

If you were looking for other collectibles from the first area, we have guides for them as well:

First Riddler Victim

You’ll find the first pressure plate on top of a skyway above the road, between two buildings in Chinatown. Turn toward the crossroads and bring the batarang close to the rioters found there. The one you’re looking for is usually walking about the crossroad. The electricity you need to bring your batarang through can be found just east from your location.

Second Riddler Victim

The second starting location is in the corner of a building rooftop in northern Chinatown. Once you stand on it, turn toward the east. You’ll see a “Hotel” sign. Electrify your batarang here and lead it toward the red “Urbarail Station” sign in the distance. The rioter you want to save from the explosion is usually close to this sign, near the corner of the building.

Third Riddler Victim

The last riddler victim is located in southwestern Bleake Island, northeast of the Clock Tower. You can spot him easily from the nearby monorail. Aim the batarang toward the monorail – there is a place where you can electrify it above the flying dolls. The rioter with the bomb is further down the street. He usually patrols the crossroad near the”Mandatory Evacuation” road sign.
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