Bleake Island Riddler Trophies | Batman: Arkham Knight

Bleake Island is the one you start your adventure on in Batman: Arkham Knight. It’s the northeastern part of Gotham City, and there’s a bunch of Riddler Trophies to be found on it. Some of them just need to be picked up, while others require you to solve a puzzle first. In this guide, we’re going to show you the locations of all the Bleake Island Riddler Trophies and how to get them.

There’s a second part of the video, too. We also have detailed guides with locations of Riddler Trophies in other areas, like:

Riddler Trophies

Regular Riddler Trophies are the ones which you just need to find. Most of them are well hidden, in peculiar and hard-to-spot places. They’re marked with green icons.

bleake island riddler trophy locations

Riddler Puzzle Trophies

Riddler Puzzle Trophies are the ones that require you to solve a puzzle in order to access them. They are easier to find than the regular ones, but harder to get. Some of them are locked behind story missions, and aren’t available from the start. Others require gadgets and upgrades only available later on. They are the yellow icons on the map.
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  1. T
    Tim Yingling

    There are two trophies I am having serious trouble with. One is on top of Panessa Studios behind a thick door to the right of the grapple for the Batmobile. The other is underneath Panessa entitled watch your head. I’ve been going at them for over a day now and cant figure them out. Any help would be appreciated.

    1. R

      The one underneath I can answer. First, you need the EMP upgrade for the Batmobile. You get this by playing through the main story and eventually Lucius or Alfred will ask you to choose an upgrade.

      Now what you need to do is attach the power winch to the outlet to start an electrical current, activate the EMP and launch yourself out of the Batmobile. While in the air, use the line launcher to make a tightrope for yourself and wait for the question marks to become active again.

      1. J

        i can’t use the line launcher when i’m above the field

        1. B

          I just spent about 45 minutes trying to figure that one out… As mentioned before, you attach the power winch, activate the EMP by double-tapping circle, then immediately launch yourself into the air by double-tapping the x button. Hold down x, and you’ll go into a glide; hold down L3 (the left thumbstick) to activate the line-launcher. I couldn’t get the line-launcher to activate properly for the life of me… It eventually worked when I wasn’t moving the left thumbstick, but I’m not sure if that was the key, or if it was just coincidence.

        2. T

          Did you figure this out. It’s happening to me to. Worried it’s a glitch

    2. J

      The first one you’ll need the batmobible cannon to shoot it. Bring it up to the roof

    3. R

      The one underneath Panessa is simple. Go to to where it is and hook the batmobile in. When one weapon bar is full trigger an EMP (you need to unlock the EMP). Once the shield is down then get out and shoot a zipline with the LineLauncher. Once the power is back on hit the question marks

    4. K
      Kevin Kosterman

      For watch your head, when you are attached to the train car, launch EMP. Then launch yourself, GLIDE, and hold down L3, or whatever your controller has for mid-GLIDE rope line deployment. Then wait for the energy barrier to come back up, and throw batarangs at the question marks.

  2. D
    Drunkn Masta

    There is one on bleak island missing from your map. Its in china town at the very top of the OSAMU tower. I can’t figure it out. Anyone know this one?

  3. Y
    Yo Mom

    OSAMU and the one at 1938,2527 (Dome cages on top of tower) are part of time trials. OSAMU starts on roof of the first building you jump to behind Panessa Studios, while the other start point is the entrance to the closed off bridge south off of Miagani Island

  4. B
    Big Bird Grayson

    I can’t seem to figure out the trophy at panessa studios that has to do with the ultrasound device. Any Help?

  5. J
    Justa Guy

    Trophy at 1973, 3005?

  6. Y
    Yo Mom

    To Big Bird, It’s a pain in the ass. You have to have progressed the story to the point where the Batmobile gets a scan function. Get up on the roof with the Batmobile(jump from the ledge by the lighthouse – 1840,3116 – and work your way around) Activate your scanner(go into battle mode and press up) and – this part’s important – stay in battle mode and stay in scan mode. The trail fades fast once you stop scanning so stay in scan mode you’ll see the trail go to the edge of the roof, just drop down and the next mark is on the building. You’ll probably have to look at the right above where the building meets the ground below where you drove off and move around a bit to get it to show, from there the rest of the trail is pretty straight forward. As a side-note, there’s another one of these on founder’s island that starts around 2246,1444 which requires you to leave the trail for a bit(it starts underground and goes through a manhole cover) just keep driving(in battle mode, scanning) and there’s a ramp just past the manhole the trail goes through. Head up and the trail picks up by the manhole cover on the sidewalk right in front of the tower to your right. Ignore the question mark that you can see by the vertical beam as you’re heading back to the manhole cover. It’s not real…

  7. Z

    I have beat the game and have been stuck trying to find this one last trophy for 6 DAYS!!! coordinates are 2036,2740.
    Directly on top of the tower beside Mendoza Soap Co. It’s a race one but I can’t find the riddler pad to stand on to start the race. Please help.


  8. B

    I’m desperately lost. Can’t find one trophy on bleake island. Second page third trophy. Been through the guide can’t find it and my map says I’ve finished all areas. Only place it says I’m missing is in toddler trophy section and toddler fight.

    1. L
      Lewis Struthers

      That’s the exact same one I can’t find either

  9. D
    Devon Kemp

    Same here

  10. V

    So, is number 21 really only available during the fourth penguin mission? Or is there another way to get back to that area after the mission is finished?

    1. You can get there again after you’ve completed the mission.

  11. N

    Anyone else having problems with #31? Can’t get the batmobile to rev once I’ve shot the power winch.

    1. G

      it is a tricky one but by me 31 worked by flying into a corner and trying to stand on it to fire the wire

    2. L

      Same here. I’m wondering if it’s glitched? The power line charges the batmobile but doesn’t allow me to rev the engine once I am connected.

  12. R
    Rob B

    There is another in the game that is not on your map. It is next to (or above) trophy #4. This one is actually on top of the broken bridge. I see videos where the player took the batmobile, shot the cannon to break a hole in the room over the bridge connected to each of the supports. Only problem I am having is I have unloaded many cannon rounds into the bridge (in the same window the video showed) and I can get a how to be broken. If I use the detective scan batman will see that there is a weak area in the bridge that can be broken by an explosion or high powered weapon. I can not place the explosive Gel. How id you guys get this trophy?

  13. C

    I am stuck on number 36 above. I pull out the drawer and detonate and everything, but cannot do a slide. I run and then press left control while running but no slide. Can anyone clarify for me how to slide? Is it later on I get to be able to do it? The manual is clear how to do it but i cannot execute…

    1. C

      Sorry, i mean number 37

    2. For ps4 controller it is X. You have to run and press X fast (even couple of times) when you are near the place you want to slide under.

      1. I

        I have a PS4 and cannot do that slide…it only rolls in the air kinda like a flip or goes straight up to the crate no sliding…help please…

      2. A

        You have to sprint (holding X) and double tap R2 to slide when approaching the opening

        1. A

          It’s can be a bit tricky to get the timing right, so be patient

    3. D
      Daniel Soto

      Run and hold right trigger. Slide!

  14. C

    I can’t slide for number 37. How do you slide in the PC version. I read the manual and it says click cntl left while running but it doesn’t work for me. Thoughts?

  15. R
    Rocky Stevens

    You have the location pics for #7 and #10 backwards for Bleake island. Just a heads up boss. Appreciate the helpful guide and work though.

  16. S

    I am unable to complete 30b this is the only one of the 243 total riddles that I haven’t completed and that is because it thinks it is finished but it isn’t if anyone can help me reset this one riddle I will be so thankful, it is the Panessa Studios Batmobile forensic scanner search and find and the solution is under the bridge out front, it bugged and now the bridge won’t break and I can’t complete the game, my goal was to 100% the game and now I am stuck at 99.4% forever… 🙁 I was halfway through when it (the path) all of a sudden vanished and then when I went back the pad would not work, I went to where I was supposed to go and the hole won’t open, I am now stuck forever.

  17. R

    You missed some, you know…. Pretty irritating

  18. J

    i cant find the last riddle in the 1st set of riddles
    for bleake island, its the last one i need for bleake, please someone help me

  19. K

    A quick tip to anyone struggling to find starting points for time trial trophies like I was for a very long time: next to the trophies there should be a set of numbers, those numbers are the coordinates for where you can find starting point on your map. Hope that helps 😉

    1. A

      thank u so much ur a life save lol

  20. E

    I am having issues getting to the 13th riddle trophie, the one where a wooden wall needs to be blown out on the back of a building. “13. Behind a destructible wall on the back side of the northern building at Panessa Studios. ” That one to be exact. How do I blow out the wall? I can not stand near it it get the batmobile around to it. Would love any help.

    1. J

      get on top of the building and glide into it. it doesnt need to be broken with the batmobile or gel.

  21. S

    After ages trying to get trophy #6 (the one that the video skips the solution to), i found an easier way to get it. Mark the location of the trophy on the map, then climb into the Batmobile. Enter tank mode and use the the HUD to orient yourself. Blast the wall with the Batmobile’s cannon, climb back onto the roof and zipline up to the trophy

  22. R

    Can someone please tell me where is trophy #31 so I can finish the whole game please

  23. D
    danny darco

    how is there snow in these photos?

  24. R

    I have the 25b. location marked on my map but when I go to 25a to start the hunt the glowing circle isn’t glowing. Is my game glitched or did I miss my chance to follow the mark. I tried to go to 25b and shoot the area anyway but it wasn’t working.

  25. B

    So I’ve finished everything in the game except for the riddlers trophys. i am stuck on number 21. i can’t find a way into the building. Ive tried a lot of things. any help would be great.

  26. F

    If you’re fast enough, you’ll get the trophy??????

    More help please! Sheesh.

  27. N

    On 30a the info is incorrect. You rev your engine to open the door but when inside you use an EMP blast to take down the shield above.

  28. R

    Thanks for the one in GCPD

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