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Battleborn Shift Codes are special keys that unlock new skins, tauns, gear and more in the game. Some of them last long, but most expire after a few days. You need to act fast if you want to get all of the rewards. In this guide, we’re going to show you a list of all shift codes for Battleborn, what they unlock.

How to Redeem Shift Codes

If you want to redeem a shift code and get some cool stuff, here’s what you need to do:
  • Start the game
  • From the main menu, go to Extras
  • Choose Shift
  • Login to your Shift Account
  • Enter the code and press Redeem

Shift Code List

Here’s a list of all the codes that have been published so far. We’re going to update it every time we discover a new one.

PlatformShift CodeUnlocks
PC, PS4, Xbox OneSWKTB-356W6-XC5RJ-XK6T3-HJ333Golden Skin x3

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