Anti cheat system banning legit players in Battlefield 1

There are several reports of Battlefield 1 players getting banned unfairly, without using any of the cheating software in the game. Anti-cheating in Battlefield 1 is regulated by FairFight, a Server Side Anti-Cheat. Using database structures to evaluate players’ gameplay actions, FairFight can identify cheating if it occurs. FairFight can send a warning, restriction or even ban/suspend cheating player for certain amount of time.

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 Anti cheat system banning legit players in Battlefield 1
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You can check out a big Reddit post of veteran Battlefield players that have had this problem. Many other players that had similar problems joined the conversation. You can check the full Reddit discussion HERE

This player invested over 2800 hours into Battlefield and similar games that use FairFight. When he received his first suspension, he started recording his gameplay, hoping to get an answer. The first ban lasted for a week.

After some time, he received a second ban, but this time, it was permanent. Naturally, he contacted EA support, but the couldn’t resolve his problem. Ultimately, he reached out to Dice developers via Twitter, and producer Ali Hassoon promised to look into his problems.

After a while he was un-banned, but his case is still being investigated. His video material was uploaded to YouTube, but it’s set to private. Hopefully, we will get the chance to see his gameplay footage.

FairFight reportedly banned him based on his great stats, not because of the usage of a third-party cheating software. It is possible that he just played really well, possibly reaching a huge score in a short period of time, and that is just really hard to achieve.

Following this case, many other players that were banned in a similar way started recording their gameplay as a form of evidence, since they want to avoid unnecessary bans. Hopefully, Dice developers are already working on a fix, since this can be a very frustrating problem for a veteran player.

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