Nintendo Switch Pre-Order Available on Friday in New York Store

Retailer Nintendo NY announced on Twitter that customers will be able to pre-order the Nintendo Switch on Friday, January 13th. Starting at 9 AM ET, you’ll be able to secure your very own Switch. Of course, you probably should be queuing up right about now if you want one. The retailer makes it clear that they only have “a limited quantity”, because of course. It’s a Nintendo console.

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Nintendo Switch Pre-Order Available on Friday in New York Store
Nintendo Switch Pre-Order Available on Friday in New York Store

In the wake of the Nintendo Switch press conference, Nintendo NY announced on Twitter that customers can pre-order the console at 9 AM ET on January 13th. So far, we know very little about the machine, but I’m sure many people would fight for a chance to secure one already. To be perfectly honest, if you’re not reading this on your phone in the queue in front of the store, you’re probably already too late.

As you can see in the tweet above, it’s a “while supplies last” thing. If the NES Classic is any reference, there’ll probably be seven and a quarter consoles available, so, good luck. My snark aside, this is an important event for Nintendo fans. Nintendo NY is the first store to officially open for pre-orders of the Switch. It’s likely that much more retailers will do the same after the Nintendo Switch live stream, which will be streaming live from Tokyo on January 12th, starting at 11 PM ET.

After the conference, we’ll definitely know more about the console itself, such as pricing, the release date, launch titles etc. Personally, I think it’s more prudent to relax with the pre-ordering until we find out everything there is to know. But, I’m sure a lot of you Nintendo fans will buy it regardless, and more power to you!

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