Battlefield 1 Future Updates And Events

Many future changes and updates will be released in the near future for Battlefield 1. On the Battlefield 1 official website we can see the Battlefield 1 – The Road Ahead article, with some very interesting facts about the future of Battlefield 1. During this month we can expect the first update to roll out. Here are some known facts:

Battlefield 1 Future Updates And Events

Battlefield 1 – The Road Ahead

  • Rent a server option will be available very soon. We will have the ability to purchase our own server and set custom rules. Server admins will be able to set specific rules such as weapons restrictions, map rotations and many more. Finally we will be able to play those pistol-only and melee-only maps.
  • Hardcore mode will be available. Hardcore mode is very popular in the Battlefield community because of its realism. There is no minimap, you have much less health and no crosshairs. It’s very fun to play and it requires a much higher level of skill to be effective on the battlefield.
  • Suez map will be changed in Conquest mode. There will be 5 flags instead of just 3. An armored vehicle will also be available to each team’s base at the beginning of the match. These changes will make this map much more balanced for both sides.
  • On the 16th of November the Battlefest will start. It will last for one week and it will feature different activities, login rewards, a unique Battlepack revision, and some community missions.
  • Fog of war game mode will be available during Battlefest. It’s basically a team deathmatch with no mini map and soldier name tags will be turned off.
  • Giant’s Shadow map will be released in December. We don’t have any specific details about the map itself, only that you won’t have to own a premium membership to be able to play it. It will be available for all Battlefield 1 players.

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