Battlefield 1 Best Medic Rifle Selbstlader M1916

Selbstlader M1916 is, in our opinion, the best Medic Weapon in Battlefield 1; both the marksman and factory variants. The first thing you’ll notice is the 26-bullet magazine. You can basically take down multiple enemies without having to reload.

The damage model is similar to the other rifles. Selbstlader deals 40 damage maximum at 26 meters, and it drops down to 35 damage at 52 meters. This basically means that you will take down enemies in 3 shots at any range without headshots.

best medic rifle selbstlader m1916 battlefield 1

Mondragon vs Selbstlader :

Mondragon is a great rifle, which fires more than 257 rounds per minute, compared to Selbstlader, which fires 224 rounds per minute. The problem is Mondragon has only 10 bullets per magazine, and you need to insert 2 strip clips of 5 bullets each to reload, which takes a lot of time, making you vulnerable. Both of them have 800 meters per second muzzle velocity which is very high.

Also a very good Medic option for close range engagements is the Autoloading 8,25 extended. It fires very fast at 359 rounds per minute, with 16 bullets in the magazine. On the other hand, the damage is lower compared to others, minimum damage is only at 21. The reason we chose Selbstlader as the best one is because you can always rely on the big magazine size and keep the pressure on your enemy. It performs very well in medium to long range engagements, and it can even match the sniper rifles.

You can also use the long range scope for increased accuracy and visibility at longer ranges. Avoid spamming the fire button, if you spam it too much the spread will increase and you will miss your shots. Practice firing until you get a perfect shooting rhythm with maximum accuracy. Make sure you test out all the rifles available. Each one excels in certain combat situations, but the Selbstlader excels at most of them.

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