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best medic rifle selbstlader m1916 battlefield 1

Best Medic Rifle – Selbstlader M1916

Selbstlader M1916 is, in our opinion, the best Medic Weapon in Battlefield 1; both the marksman and factory variants. The first thing you’ll notice is…

best sniper rifle SMLE MK3 battlefield 1

Best Sniper Rifle in BF1

If you’re playing the scout class in Battlefield 1, it’s absolutely essential you have the best sniper rifle possible. All of the ones you can…

cape helles collectible locations bf1

Runner Field Manual Locations

Field Manuals are collectibles in the singleplayer portion of Battlefield 1. In The Runner campaign, there are 15 of them. Collecting them will unlock three…

aggressive recon battlefield 1

Aggressive Recon Guide

Aggressive recon is a Battlefield 1 play style utilized by the scout class. It became popular in previous games, but it is as useful now…

battlefield 1 how to change loadouts

How to Change Loadouts in BF1

The weapons you can use in Battlefield 1 depend on which class you choose. But that’s not all. Every class has several different primary weapons,…

rank up classes fast battlefield 1

Rank Up Classes – How to

Ranking up classes in Battlefield 1 can be a bit slow. The amount of experience points needed to advance is very high, and if you’re…

battlefield 1 how many players

How many players – BF1

As is tradition, Battlefield 1 is mainly focused on multiplayer. Some game modes are designed for small, intimate experiences, while others will be better suited…

battlefield 1 campaign

Singleplayer Campaign in BF1

Although Battlefield 1 is mainly about multiplayer, it still features a single player campaign. It’s divided into five War Stories. It’s much better than in…

hardcore mode battlefield 1

Hardcore Mode in Battlefield 1

Hardcore mode in Battlefield 1 is a variation of the standard mode, with different and gameplay and harder difficulty. It was a fan favorite in…

battlefield 1 maps

Battlefield 1 Maps – How many are there

Multiplayer is the most important part of Battlefield 1. It revolves around a handful of unique maps (9 for now) and several different game modes….

pro tips battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 Tips & Tricks

Battlefield 1 is already out for some. Playing casually can be great fun, but if you invest enough time, you’re going to hit a skill…

battlefield 1 horses

Horses in BF1 – How do they work

Battlefield 1 Horses are a new addition to the series. They’re basically a vehicle, but they act differently than any other form of transportation. You’ll…


Throw Dynamite Farther

Throwing dynamite in Battlefield 1 can be very useful in many ways, especially in dealing with enemy vehicles and tanks. Sadly, the default throwing distance…

battlefield 1 release date time

Battlefield 1 Release Time

Battlefield 1 is going to be released in the coming week. Different editions of the multiplayer shooter will be released at different times, so it…