Field Manual Locations in Avanti Savoia | Battlefield 1

Avanti Savoia is one of the campaigns in Battlefield 1. It’s the one that takes place in the mountains, where you get to wear a power armor.
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There are 10 field manuals you can get while playing through it. Finding these collectibles will unlock new codex entries, and the Conquering the Mountains achievement. In this guide, we’re going to show you all field manual locations in Avanti Savoia.

O La Vitoria field manuals

Go past the ruined church and towards the village. When the cannon blows up the white house, enter it, and you’ll find the first crate.

The second crate is up the mountain. While you’re climbing, keep your eyes on the slope to the left. You’ll find an enemy encampment made of white stone – this is where your collectible is.

After you’ve cleared that camp, exit it and look up the mountain to the right. You’ll see another one nearby. Go towards it, and you’ll find a shallow, covered trench. Jump inside and turn around, and you’ll see a crate with the field manual.

The next one is in the bunker where you get the objective to destroy the artillery gun. Enter the bunker (it’s guarded by a bunch of soldiers), and turn right. You’ll see the crate in the corner.

Keep going up the mountain. When you reach a curve in the road with barricades around it, turn right towards the mountain. You’ll see the crate under a wooden eave.

Field manuals in O Tutti Accoppati

The first one in the second mission (the sixth one in all) is near the beginning. Go down the hill until you reach a ruin of a house. Enter it and turn around. The crate will be by the wall that’s still standing.

The next one is in a bunker. When you enter it, you should be careful – it is surrounded by regular crates, and it’s very easy to miss. You’ll find it to the right of the door inside the bunker.

When you’re heading up the mountain towards the big building, you’ll reach a bunker door in the side of the hill. Enter it, and look for the crate in a room with some machinery, a tank and some barrels.

This one is in another bunker. When you enter it, go straight and up the stairs. You’ll end up in a room with a lot of bunk beds. Turn left and you’ll see a red crate between two beds. This is where the manual is hidden.

The last one is in the courtyard of the big, concrete building. Go behind the ruined building and follow the path until the very end. There will be a back entrance there, with some crates next to it. One of it is the hiding place of a manual.


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