French Army DLC News Battlefield 1

The official Battlefield 1 Twitter page posted some interesting clues about the upcoming DLC. The message is in French, saying: “Soyez prêts,” which means “Be ready”. Below this text there is a picture featuring French and German soldiers fighting in some kind of fortress.

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French Army DLC News Battlefield 1

We can also see a French flag hanging on some sort of pipe, which clearly indicates that the next DLC will definitely be featuring French forces. One of the French soldiers is shooting from the famous Chauchat light machine gun and we will probably be able to use it in the game. The release date for this DLC is already announced, it’s 27th of March 2017.

If you own a premium pass, you will get your hands on this DLC two weeks earlier. the premium costs around 50 dollars, at it will grant you all upcoming DLC packs upon their release. There are also rumors that the later DLCs will feature Russian forces. We will keep you posted once we get new information.

Dice probably wanted to give the French army full focus by giving them their own DLC, since they played a big role in World War I. 1,400,000 of the French soldiers were killed, an average of 893 deaths per day.

Hopefully, this DLC will have some interesting and memorable maps for us to enjoy upon release. There will probably be several new weapons and gadgets used by the French army that we will be able to use in game. Maybe even some iconic vehicles and planes, as well as new game modes. New Operations would definitely be a great addition to the game, since they are very popular in the Battlefield community worldwide.

Let us know in the comment section: what are your thoughts on the French DLC and are you interested in purchasing the premium pass?

See you on the battlefield.

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