Eye to Eye New game mode in Battlefield 1

Battlefield 1 has gotten a new game mode called Eye to Eye. It’s a fast-paced, close-quarters-oriented game mode set on the Amiens map. Using shotguns only devastates your enemies from short distances, while using the assault class only. This game mode plays out just like regular Domination, with 3 capture points to secure.

Eye to Eye New game mode in Battlefield 1

Keep in mind that health regeneration is disabled, and you can’t revive your teammates in battle. Grenades and pistols are not available, so make every shot count. There will be no support players to supply you with ammo, and the only way to get ammo is by taking weapons from downed teammates and enemies. Plan your movement accordingly and make use of the close range damage potential that only shotguns provide.

Make sure that you get rid off any gadgets and sidearms in order to actually spawn in the game.You can choose from : Model 10A variants, M97 Trench Gun variants, 12g automatic variants and Hellfighter Trench Shotgun.The good thing is that the shotguns have been balanced in the most recent patch, especially the Model 10A shotgun, which was considered a bit overpowered compared to the other shotgun variants.Bayonets can also be mounted on your shotgun for some charging kills if the situation requires.Amiens is the only map where you can play Eye to Eye mode, and hopefully they will make this game mode available in other maps in some future updates.

If you are having trouble finding this game mode in your server browser, just type “eye to eye” in the search bar. There are a lot of official game servers that only play this game mode.Let us know know in the comment section below if you’ve tried the Eye to Eye game mode, and what your first impressions are.See you in Amiens.

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