Friends in High Places Field Manual Locations | Battlefield 1

Friends in High Places is one of the singleplayer campaigns in Battlefield 1. It’s not too long, and it’s about trench warfare.
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You can collect six field manuals while playing it, which will unlock two codex entries. They’re really easy to miss, since a lot of it takes place during nighttime. In this guide, we’re going to show you all field manual locations in Friends in High Places.

Fall From Grace field manuals

Turn towards the moon, so that the ruined house is on your right. Go past it and turn right. Go past the shed and follow the road until there’s a cart on your right. There will be a crate next to it.

After you get the first one, turn towards the moon and cross the field. Go down the hill towards the ranch. You should head for the rightmost building. Jump over the wall, open the door and you’ll find the crate with the collectible.

When you leave the shed, jump over the fence and go down the road through the ruins. There’s a tent on the right, after the first building. Go under it and you’ll find the manual in a crate by a bed.

Leave the tent and go towards the trenches on the right. Turn left at the end, go down the hill and pass the tent. Climb the stairs out of the trench and turn left before the barbed wire. Jump over the trench and down the hill. You’ll find the crate by a large puddle.

The last one is in the concrete bunker. Go up the hill, to the left, then the right. Jump into the trench and follow it to the bunker door. Enter and turn left to get the collectible.

Forte et Fidele field manual locations

When you’re at the top of the zeppelin, peering out into the sky, follow the walkway inside. Turn left and walk along the middle of it. When you reach a toppled canister on your left, turn right and go around the other canister. This is where you’ll find the crate.


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