Battlefield 1: In the Name of the Tsar is looming on the horizon

The good ship Battlefield 1 has been on a steady course for a while now. The developer DICE has been running a tight ship and outlining a roadmap for the future.

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battlefield 1 in the name of the tsar
The Eastern Front is always a good idea. Except in real war.

It would appear that Battlefield will start receiving monthly updates instead of the season patches that has been part and parcel of the game experience thus far. The way the developer sees it, this will allow for quicker feedback from the players, as the environments will reach the players sooner. The sooner they move from community test to the real deal, the less time do the players have to deal with weird bugs or things going crazy when they should not.

DICE has also been very vocal on the idea of streamlining the flow of players into matches in general, as they would like to improve that area of the game, as well as improve grievances. They are hoping this would “make the action feel more balanced and fair”. It would appear that there is a feature update coming to the Rent-a-Server program of Battlefield 1. Operations is one part of the game that the developer wishes to pay attention to the most and as fast as possible. The tweaks of Operations will make them potentially “frictionless”, or at least taht is what DICE would want. You can expect the improvemements in the May update.

It is all well and great when it comes to free stuff, but the real meat is the paid content. Players are looking forward to variety, and Battlefield 1 is constantly trying to deliver. The time has come for the cold vastness of Russia with the In the Name of the Tsar DLC. Eastern front will be waiting, and Dice promises new tactics, maps, weapons, vehicles and game modes.

In the Name of the Tsar should be hitting the consoles and PC sometime this summer.