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Field Manuals are collectibles in the singleplayer portion of Battlefield 1. In The Runner campaign, there are 15 of them. Collecting them will unlock three new codex entries, and The Hills of Gallipolli achievement. The maps in this campaign are vast and spacious, so the manuals can be easy to miss. In this guide, we’re going to show you all field manual locations in The Runner in Battlefield 1.

Cape Helles field manual locations

The first one can be found on the coast. Go past the barricades and look for a pile of supplies next to the rocks on the right.

The second one is in the trenches in the hills. Look for a dead end on your right, with a Turkish flag near it. This is where the crate is.

When you reach the part with the rose bushes, jump down the hill, into the trenches. Go right until you find a gun emplacement. The crate will be next to the cannon.

Climb up the hill until you see a lone house. The crate with the manual is under the eave by the house.

The last one in this mission is near the Helles overlook capture point. Go past the flaming barrier, to the smaller building on the left. Enter it, and you’ll find the collectible.

The Runner field manuals

As you descend into town, turn left when you hit the house with the giant hole in the side. The crate is next to another house nearby.

Turn towards the sea and go between the buildings. When you reach the well, go slightly to the left and forward. There will be a lone house there. The crate is inside, next to a wooden bench.

This one is inside the bombed building with a dome. Jump in through the window, then go left through the door. The crate will be in the next room, by the wall on the left.

Go behind the farmhouse on the hillside, the one with the red flower beds in front of it. Head for the farmhouse in the distance, the one with the net out front. Enter and turn right, and you’ll see the crate.

The last crate in this mission is in a roofless house overlooking the sea. When you reach the checkpoint with two British flags, head east. You’ll soon reach the target. The crate is to the left of the door, next to some sacks.

Be Safe field manual locations

The first one is in the tower in the middle of the town. Go inside and climb the first ladder. Look around the room to find the crate.

When you get into the fortress, use the stairs to climb onto the wall. Turn left and go as far as you can. You’ll see a bunch of greenish crates on your left. The collectible is hidden behind them.

Turn around and go to the other side of the wall. You’ll find a couple of ruined houses. The crate is in the first one – the one that’s completely destroyed.

Look behind the other house, and you’ll see a bunker entrance. Go inside and look for the crate by the wall on the left.

When you start the objective to capture the courtyard, go into the shed in the middle of it. The crate will be inside.

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