There Won't Be Any Battlefield Games in 2017

Unfortunately, there won’t be any new Battlefield games in 2017. Upon release, Battlefield 1 has been a huge success, and it still has multiple expansion packs to offer in the future. It is unknown when we can expect a new Battlefield title and which era it will involve. Maybe it will be a modern day shooter, or even World War 2 themed? Only time will tell.

There wont be any Battlefield games in 2017

But there are some good news for Star Wars Battlefront fans. There will definitely be a new Star Wars Battlefront title in 2017. The release date hasn’t been confirmed yet, but we will keep you posted as soon as we get some new details. Hopefully, the new Battlefront will be much bigger in scale and much more exciting that the predecessor. It would be amazing if we could see the single player campaign, as well as some amazing maps and game modes for multiplayer.

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The previous Battlefront was a solid game, but it definitely lacked depth and progression. When you begin playing, everything looks amazing and spectacular, but after several hours, things just started repeating and players slowly started losing interest in the game.

Dice and EA want to avoid the mistakes that the infamous Battlefield 4 made. It was rushed and the release was horrible, with numerous bugs and problems. After a few months, we could finally play a completed game. We definitely don’t want to see that scenario again.

There have been multiple Star Wars movies until now, and the new Battlefront can use that content and those characters to make some amazing content. Recreating famous battles, locations and iconic characters can be a treat for any Battlefront fan.

Let us know in the comment section below” Are you excited for the new Battlefront game? In which era would you like to see the next Battlefield game take place?

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