Biomutant Dark Red or Light Blue Choice at the Beginning

The choice between a Dark Red or Light Blue aura in the beginning of Biomutant seems like a pretty important choice to be levied at players so early on in the game. It seems like, after you’ve barely started playing, the developers want you to devout yourself entirely to one way of behavior. Fortunately, that’s not true; the good vs. evil mechanic is more complex. To clear things up a little bit, we’ve put together our Biomutant Dark Red or Light Blue Choice at the Beginning guide.

biomutant dark red or light blue choice at the beginning
Biomutant Dark Red or Light Blue Choice at the Beginning

What to Choose in Biomutant Beginning – Dark Red or Light Blue

What you choose in the beginning of Biomutant – Dark Red or Light Blue – will determine several things about your playthrough, if you choose to follow that path to the end. Basically, what you choose here will give you two Dark Points or two Light Points, respectively. Your Dark vs. Light score is what actually makes all the difference, For one, it will influence which PSI powers you’ll have access to, which can be pretty major. It will also influence dialogue choices, as well as how certain characters will treat you. Last, but definitely not least, this score affects the kind of ending you’re going to get.

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Now, as you might have guessed by now, the choice you make at the beginning is not binding. You have the full freedom to farm Dark Points during the game by picking Dark options, even if you went with Light Blue at the start, and vice versa. If you should so choose, you can even strike a balance and have your Good and Evil sides perfectly balanced. Gameplay-wise, the biggest difference is which PSI powers you can use, so keep that in mind.

So, that’s basically all there is to the Dark Red or Light Blue choice at the beginning of Biomutant. SLIGHT SPOLIERS from here on out. Your child aura (aka Light vs Dark score) counts as a separate score. They have no effect on your adult aura. However, it will change how some NPCs remember you as a kid. Neat detail, but not super-relevant to the overall gameplay.

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