Biomutant Tribes - Talk to Myriad or Jagni Sifu - Tunnel or Motor Bridge

Biomutant Tribes are important part of the game that you will come across early in the game. Choosing whether you talk to the Jagni or Myriad Sifu in Biomutant, aka take the tunnel or the motor bridge, is an important crossroad, and it’s a significant point. Who you choose to align with will change your gameplay in a number of ways, most of which revolve around how easily you’ll get Light and Dark points. However, it also changes what gear you can get, which tribes will want to fight you, and more. Should you join the Jagni Or Myriad Tribe will be explained in our Biomutant Tribes – Talk to Jagni or Myriad Sifu – Tunnel or Motor Bridge guide.

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biomutant talk to jagni or myriad sifu tunnel or motor bridge
Biomutant Talk to Jagni or Myriad Sifu – Tunnel or Motor Bridge

What to Choose in Biomutant – Tunnel or Motor Bridge

What you choose in the Tunnel or Motor Bridge Biomutant choice will determine whether you talk to the Jagni or Myriad Sifu first. Going through the tunnel will take you to the northeast, to the Myriad Fortress, where the “good guys” are. If you take the Motor Bridge instead, you’ll go northwest, to the Jagni Fortress, aka the “bad guys” (but not the worst, that honor arguably goes to Lotus). If you’ve been making mostly Light choices up until this point, Out-Of-Date will recommend you talk to the Myriad sifu; otherwise, he’ll tell you to seek out the Jagni sifu. The choice is ultimately up to you, though.

Biomutant Tribes – Talk to Jagni or Myriad Sifu

Talking to the Myriad or Jagni Sifu in Biomutant lets you join either of the tribes, depending on what moral code you want to follow. If you join the Jagni, you’ll have an easier time farming Dark Points, and you’ll get the Jagni armor over time, as well as their tribe weapon. On top of that, other Dark-aligned tribes will surrender to you without a fight, if you so choose. On the other hand, siding with Myriad makes accruing Light Points simpler, grants you the Myriad armor and weapon, and other Light tribes won’t fight you. Side note: you’ll get both tribe weapons no matter what, obtaining the opposing camp’s armament after defeating them.

Needless to say, since choosing one of these tribes makes getting their respective points easier, this can affect which ending you’ll get. After all, the Myriad and Jagni tribes have completely opposite goals, as you can see in the screenshots below. However, it’s important to note that your tribal allegiance is not set in stone, as we’ll explain in a second.

How to Change Tribe in Biomutant

To change your tribe in Biomutant, you just need to go to the other tribe’s fort and talk to their Sifu. You can do this no matter whether you choose the Tunnel or Motor Bridge, aka talk to the Jagni or Myriad Sifu. Of course, once you depose the opposing Sifu, you can’t really do that anymore, so do keep in mind that there might be a point of no return.

Now, with all that said, you can remain in the Light tribe and focus on a dark path, and vice versa. The difference is that it’ll be much harder to do so. Reminder: the moral path you take will affect the PSI powers you have access to, which will influence your gameplay. To explain things as simply and spoiler-free as possible: aligning yourself with Jagni is the more agressive (and arguably more difficult) route, while Myriad is more defensive and peaceful (which does come with its own setbacks, depending on your preferences). Your call.

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