Bioshock Infinite Monument Island Gateway Collectible Locations

Monument Island Gateway is the fifth mission in Bioshock Infinite and it has 1x Kinetoscope, 1x Telescope and 1x Voxophone collectibles. Bellow you will find screenshot guides and explanations on how to find all of them.
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This mission starts when you enter Large Monument Island building, which is a tram station.Bioshock Infinite Monument Island Gateway

Monument Island Gateway Kinetoscope no.1

As soon as you enter a large building with a huge red sign Monument Island, turn right, and you will find the first collectible between two posters on a wall.

Monument Island Gateway Telescope no.1

When you jump on a sky line, and start sliding down, proceed until you reach the point where the sky line takes you under the building. Jump on a balcony nearby and proceed to Telescope.

Monument Island Gateway Voxophone no.1

When the train stops on the sky line, because of a heavy cargo, Voxophone can be found in a nearby room, on a desk.


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