Bioshock Infinite Monument Tower Collectible Locations

Monument tower is the sixth mission in Bioshock Infinite and it has 4x Voxophone collectibles. Bellow you will find screenshot guides and explanations on how to find all of them.
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Bioshock infinite voxophones Monument Tower

Comstock Monument Tower Voxophone no.1

The moment you enter the Monument Tower building, approach the angel statue, then turn left. In the opened locker you will find the first voxophone.

Comstock Monument Tower Voxophone no.2

When you pass the room with two Tesla coil generators, proceed down the hall and enter the first room to the left, with a steel door. The next voxophone can be found on the table near the sink.

Comstock Monument Tower Voxophone no.3

Proceed down the hall from the previous step, until you reach the room with a huge generator. Once you enter the room, check out the table next to the blackboard.

Comstock Monument Tower Voxophone no.4

During the mission, while observing Elisabeth, go up the stairs in order to reach the third spy room, where you will find the last Bioshock Infinite Voxophone on the chair.


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