Bioshock Infinite Voxaphone and Kinetoscope locations chapter 9.3

“Hall of Heroes Memorial Gift Shop” is the part of the The Hall of Heroes chapter in Bioshock Infinite and it has 1x Voxophoneand 3x Kinetoscopes. Bellow you will find screenshot guides and explanations on how to find all of them.
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  Bioshock infinite kinetoscope locations chapter 9.3

Kinetoscope no.1,2

Upon entering the Gift Shop you will find two vending machines and two Kinetoscopes.

Kinetoscope no.3

Proceed to the next room to collect the third Kinetoscope.

Voxophone no.1

The main story will guide you to the courtyard again, where you should defeat many enemies. Once you defeat them all proceed slightly to the left and enter the room, where you will find a Voxophone on the table. Next to the table is an Infusion bottle in the toolbox.


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