BioShock Infinite Collectible Locations

Bioshock infinite introduces three types of collectibles: Kinetoscopes, Telescopes and Voxophones.

Kinetoscopes play videos and there are 30 videos to view, but there are more Kinetoscopes than that and they play duplicate videos.
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For the achievement, you need find 30 unique Kinetoscopes. Beside Kinetoscopes you need to find Telescopes, since collecting these two types of collectibles will unlock the Sightseer achievement. Telescopes are hard to find and they give you the opportunity to do some sightseeing of the amazing world of Columbia.

Voxophones are audio logs that expand the story of the game and collecting all of them will unlock the Eavesdropper achievement. There are 80 Voxophones to be found in the flying city of Columbia.

We have compiled guides to help you find all these collectibles during each of Bioshock Inifite‘s chapters/missions. You can find the list bellow:

List of Bioshock Inifinite Kinetoscope, Telescope and Voxophone Locations

  • Lighthouse (no collectibles)
  • Welcome Center (3x Kinetoscopes, 1x Telescope, 4x Voxophones)
  • Raffle Square (1x Voxophone)
  • Comstock Center Rooftops (4x Kinetoscopes, 1x Telescope and 6x Voxophones)
  • Monument Island Gateway (1x Kinetoscope, 1x Telescope and 1x Voxophone)
  • Monument Tower ( 4x Voxophones)
  • Battleship Bay (2x Kinetoscopes, 1x Telescope and 5x Voxophones)
  • Soldier’s Field (2x Kinetoscopes and 3x Voxophones)
  • The Hall of Heroes (5x Voxophones and 2x Kinetoscopes)
  • Inside the Hall of Heroes (soon)
  • Hall of Heroes Gift Shop (soon)
  • Return to Hall of Heroes (soon)
  • Finkton Docks (soon)
  • Beggar’s Wharf (soon)
  • Fort Franklin Pier (soon)
  • Worker Induction Center (soon)
  • Plaza of Zeal (soon)
  • Good Time Club (soon)
  • Plaza of Zeal (Return) (soon)
  • Gunsmith Shop (soon)
  • Shanty Town (soon)
  • Bull House Impound (soon)
  • Bull Yard (soon)
  • Finkton Proper (soon)
  • On to the Factory (soon)
  • Factory Courtyard (soon)
  • The Factory (soon)
  • Emporia (soon)
  • Port Prosperity (soon)
  • Downtown Emporia (soon)
  • Memorial Gardens (soon)
  • Comstock House (soon)
  • The Atriumv (soon)
  • Warden’s Office (soon)
  • Operating Theatre (soon)
  • Hand of the Prophet (soon)
  • Hangar Deck (soon)
  • Engineering Deck (soon)
  • Command Deck (soon)
  • Sea of Doors (soon)
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