Bioshock Infinite Voxophone and Kinetoscope locations chapter 9.1

“Sky Road Station Entrance” is the part of the The Hall of Heros chapter in Bioshock Infinite and it has 5x Voxophone and 2x Kinetoscope collectibles. Bellow you will find screenshot guides and explanations on how to find all of them.
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Bioshock infinite voxophone locations chapter 9.1

Voxophone no.1

As soon as you exit the elevator you will find find yourself in a room that has two hallways left and right of it. Go left and you will reach a door that can be lockpicked. Inside there will be a turret attacking you and once you deal with it you can find a Voxaphone on onw of the tables.

Kinetoscope no.1

Once you get the Bucking Bronko ability you will get to an open section with lots of enemies. Tickets building is in that area as well and inside it, on the ground level, left og the cannon statue is the first Kinetoscope.NOTE:
While you are here pick up the Code book from the cannon’s barrel. You will need this to open the Secret room in Fellow Travel restaurant across the road.

Voxophone no.2

Tickets building also contains a Voxaphone. Climb the stairs up to the first floor and you will find it next to the railing overlooking the ground floor. NOTE: Right next to it is Carabine and Salt rifle.

Voxophone no.3

Fellow Traveler restaurant is across the Tickets building. In the restaurant’s kitchen is a Voxaphone, hanging from a knife stuck in a cupboard.

Voxophone no.4

This Voxaphone is inside a hidden room inside the Fellow Traveler restaurant. To enter the room you need to pick up the Code book found inside the cannon’s barrel in the Tickets building (as mentioned above). Once you get the book go back to the restaurant and go into the toilet room with a message written in blood on the wall. Elizabeth will take out the code book and decipher the message. For the next step you need to Investigate a top hat hanging from a coat hanger located in a toilet room next to the one with the blood message. Top hat is in fact a lever that opens the hidden door to the secret room. This is where you’ll find the Voxaphone on a table. There are several Infusion bottles there as well. Remember to pick them up.

Voxophone no.5

One you use the Skyline to climb up to the Hall of the Heroes tram station go inside the tram on the station. You will find the Voxphone in the back of the tram.

Kinetoscope no.2

Before you enter Hall of the Heroes look to right of the entrance and you will see the last Kinetoscope in this part of the chapter.


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