Bioshock Infinite Welcome Center Collectible Locations

Welcome Center is the second mission in Bioshock Infinite and it has 3x Kinetoscopes, 1x Telescope and 4x Voxophones collectibles. Bellow you will find screenshot guides and explanations on how to find all of them.
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Welcome Center Voxophone no.1

As soon as you meet the first person in white clothes, turn left and you will end up in a praying room. Next to the statue, to the left, is a small room, with a painting of a woman on the wall. Voxophone can be found on a table in front of the painting.

Welcome Center Kinetoscope no.1

Upon entering a big platform with a big statue on it, wait for a big yellow house to land on the platform, then enter the house, and Kinetoscope can be found right next to two people inside.

Welcome Center Voxophone no.2

This Voxophone can be found in the same house as the previous item. It is next to the safe, behind a stand.

Welcome Center Kinetoscope no.2

As soon as you cross a bridge, and proceed to the second platform, Kinetoscope can be found right next to a big poster on a wall.

Welcome Center Voxophone no.3

Before proceeding with the mission, after the previous collectible, turn left, and go up the stairs to the platform with a flower shop. Near the flower shop you can notice a garden and a table at the end of the garden. Voxophone can be found on the table.

Welcome Center Telescope no.1

Proceeding with mission, will get you to the point where some little boy gives you a telegram. At that point turn left and you will notice a Telescope.

Welcome Center Kinetoscope no.3

Right before entering the Columbia Raffle Fair, Kinetoscope can be found next to the entrance.

Welcome Center Voxophone no.4

After passing by a woman and a guy who asks you to flip a coin, and two policemen, last Voxophone can be found on a yellow bench in front of the big statue.


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