Bloodborne Amygdala Boss, How To Find and Kill it

Amygdala was the seventh boss for us in Bloodborne. This boss is found in optional area called the Nightmare Frontier.
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To find this area you have to:
  1. Kill Vicar Amelia boss
  2. Go to the Forbidden Forest
  3. Find the NPC that gives you the secret item
  4. Use this item to get to the 1st floor of the Lecture Building
  5. Enter the Nightmare Frontier
In this guide we will show you how to get to the Amygdala boss, how to kill it, and what rewards you’ll get for doing so. We also have guides on other Bloodborne Bosses.

Amygdala video guide

How To Beat Amygdala?

  • Upgrade your main weapon to +6 at least, bring molotov and bullets.
  • Be aware that Amygdala changes its behavior based on your positioning (if you are behind, in front, or at its side)
  • Its head is its weakest point. Three hits brings the head down for a visceral attack.
  • Its tail and rear legs are heavily armored. Its hands not so much.
  • Three phases, same attacks but more enhanced during each phase.
This is a rather fun boss to fight. What makes it unique is its behavior that changes due to player’s positioning and play style. It has three phases. At the start of each phase its attacks become enhanced and deal more damage with additional glowing effects.
If you are equipped with weapons that favor short range combat and you benefit most from it, you best stay close to the boss. This makes the boss’s behavior more specific because it is a large monster that moves slowly, therefore it likes to jump more to re-position itself. When in close range it also stumps with its rear legs more and uses its front legs to swipe the area under and next to him.
If you, however, like to use a weapon with a longer range, you can control the boss’s movement more easily, but you have to learn its swipe patterns, dodge more deadly attacks. In the end it boils down to learning its patterns and exploiting them.

Using a mix of longer range and close melee combat styles is more than helpful. I’ve done it in the first two phases using longer range attacks and ending with a close-range melee combat style.

Ranged Melee Combat Style

To best position yourself for the ranged melee combat be sure to tease the boss by standing in front of its head. This will make it perform several attacks. The main defensive goal is to dodge back (to the side) at the exact point when its hands start going down. The main offensive goal is to wait for the moment where the boss uses its front hands to try to push you away. Shortly after that it raises both hands in the air and slams the area in front of it. This is the point where Amygdala brings down its head. Slam it with two attacks of a transformed weapon (L1). After three precise attacks you can perform a highly damaging visceral attack.
There is another situation when you can safely perform an attack. It is when the boss brings down its head in order to spill some slime. This is when you can execute a jump attack for additional damage.
While at range be sure to move to the side once the boss starts shooting bolts and lasers. This tactic makes it possible to spend 0 blood vials. What makes it hard is the last phase. At this phase the boss chops off one of its hands and uses it as a weapons. This makes its range much longer. This is where you have to decide to either go into close-range melee mode and/or blast Amygdala with Molotovs and gun shots.

Close Range Melee Combat Style

To position yourself best for close-range melee combat be sure to run through the boss’s rear legs and be near its tail. This area is heavily armored and attacks do less damage, but you are safe from frontal attacks. Be sure to move away from rear foot stomps.
While standing here, Amygdala likes to jump in the air from time to time to re-position itself to face the player. This is because Amygdala rotates slowly while on the ground. You have to dodge away shortly after the jump is made, but not right away. The next couple of moments is when the boss brings its head down and you can make additional swift attacks toward the head or the hands.
Go back to the tail. Rinse and repeat. You can’t really control the boss more efficiently with a close melee combat style than with a ranged melee combat style, so be sure to bring many Blood Vials as you are more likely to be hit.

Rewards For Killing Amygdala

  • Ailing Loran Chalice
  • 3x Insight
  • 23 100 Blood Echoes
  • Bronze Trophy: Amygdala
  • Bronze Trophy: Chalice of Ailing Loran

How to enter the Forbidden Woods

First things first, you have to kill Vicar Amelia boss. Once you’ve done that, go down the big stairs that lead to this boss. At the bottom of the stairs is a large circular area with many tombstones. Turn right and go behind the large enemy with an ax. Follow this route until you reach the Forbidden Woods map.

Where to find Tonsil Stone

When you reach the save point light lamp at the start of Forbidden Woods, follow the main path that goes across the bridge until you come at the entrance of a nearby village. Instead of going into the village, turn left and find a house with a red lamp on it. Interact with the NPC inside the house to get the secret item: Tonsil Stone.

How to enter the Lecture Building

Go back to the Vicar Amelia area once again. Go down the stairs from where you beat the boss and turn left this time. At the end of this area you should find a door inside a huge dome-shaped hall. You can’t go through this door until you have the item we mentioned above. Having this item allows you to survive the trip into the Lecture Building. Approach the door and let the mysterious creature kill you.

How to enter the Nightmare Frontier

This is now an easy task. You just have to reach the end of the path and go through the door. Be sure to check out the side rooms for additional loot, including a new armor set – Student Uniform and Student Trousers. These two pieces have outstanding Arcane resistance (210 in total).

Where to Find Amygdala

As with other optional areas, the boss is found at the end. You have to follow the main path and unlock shortcuts along the way. Once you do that, the boss can be easily reached from the starting position. Follow the screenshot guide bellow to find out how.
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    There are at lesat two more places where you can get the stone: In Yarnham at a window near the bottom of the church’s workshop and at Hemwick at the house between the first lamp and the elevator.

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