Bloodborne Multiplayer Features Screenshots

Bloodborne is just around the corner, so From Software and Sony have decided to throw out another batch of screenshots to win you over with. The new pictures represent multiplayer aspects of the game – invaders, messengers, ghosts, etc.

If you’ve played the Souls games in the past, you know what to expect from Bloodborne’s multiplayer.
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If not, we have some info that should help ease you into it. First of all, you’ll need the day one update and a Playstation Plus subscription in order to play with other people.

Co-op play starts when a player uses the Beckoning Bell to call others into his world. Two of those who use the Small Resonant Bell in response are chosen at random and transported to the host. If the host puts a password on the session, those who know it will get first dibs on connecting. They fight the boss together, then go their separate ways, rewards in hand and all. If the guests want to leave prematurely, they just have to use a Silencing Blank. If they do, they get no treasure. This also happens if the host or the guest in question dies.

Invasions are PvP skirmishes which are initiated by the “guest”. These can only happen in areas with a bell-ringer woman. If you want to be invaded, you can use the Sinister Resonant Bell to summon the woman and allow others to invade you. Invaders use the same item to insert themselves into the host’s world. If the host is defeated, the guest gets a reward. On the other hand, if the guest is defeated, the host gets to walk away with his life and Echoes intact.

There will also be asynchronous features, like messages and ghosts. If you use the Notebook, you’ll be able to leave words of wisdom that will show up in that same location to other players. You’ll sometimes see ghosts while playing the game – these are apparitions of players near you struggling with the same area at almost the same time. Watching their moves can sometimes prove useful. Finally, there will be tombstones. In places where others have died, you’ll get the chance to see their demise replayed for your twisted pleasure.

Bloodborne will hit shelves March 24th, only on Playstation 4.

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