Destiny Xur Stock Predictions For March 13th

Digging through reddit, we’ve come across a user making predictions concerning Xur’s stock for this week (starting on Friday, March 13th). Using a mysterious method, he got it right a couple of times already, and has been endorsed by the infamous leak-master megamanexe4.

Watch live video from RealGosuNoob on According to maimonguy, come Friday, we can expect the following items at everyone’s favourite strange coin vendor:

  • No Backup Plans (77/83 Str)
  • Crest of Alpha Lupi – Hunter (157/169 Str)
  • Light Beyond Nemesis (108/115 Str)
  • Universal Remote
  • Gauntlet Engram
  • No Heavy Ammo
So there you have it.
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Tune in tomorrow to check if he was right or not.

Source: reddit


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