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Rom, the Vacuous Spider was the eight boss for us in Bloodborne. Rom, unlike many other bosses, is not optional and you have to kill it in order to progress with the story.
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Rom is found in Byrgenwerth. This area is accessible once you kill another boss – Shadows of Yharnam in Forbidden Woods. As they die, they reveal a passage that leads directly to Byrgenwerth. In this guide, we will show you how to get to Rom, the Vacuous Spider boss, how to kill it, and what rewards you’ll get for doing so. We also have guides on other Bloodborne Bosses.

How To Beat Rom, the Vacuous Spider?

  • Minimum level to engage the boss on is about 50 (with a 3:1 ratio in offensive vs defensive skill points).
  • Fortified + 6 weapon is of great use.
  • Series’ of fast melee weapon attacks are your best choice here.
  • Don’t pay attention to the little spiders – attack the giant, main boss from its sides (not head or tail).
There are three phases with this boss. At the start of each phase, the boss becomes invisible and spawns at a different, nearby location. In the first phase Rom is passive while there are 10 little spiders that do the attacking. To engage the next phases you have to damage the boss.In the next phase Rom becomes aggressive and spawns a new wave of little spiders. If you are farther away from him for several moments, it brings up its head and throws crystals toward your location. These crystals are hard to dodge – you have to time your dodge or do zig-zag moves while running to avoid it. The second attack Rom likes to perform once you come close to him is this: it turns on its back, and shortly after the area around him has large crystals coming out of the water. Watch for the circles in the water that indicate the crystal spawn locations and stay away from them. The third attack is when he raises his head and tail. Shortly after, a short burst of AoE expands around the boss.In the last phase, the boss gains an additional attack where Rom starts to shake his tail and head toward the nearby targets, damaging and knocking them back.

The general rule for defeating this boss is to focus on its sides while, not paying attention to little spiders (or at least not that much). The little spiders are usually passive. You can notice when they are not passive by their positioning. They’ll prepare for attack once they are facing you. Their three attacks (ranged spit, series of melee hits while moving forward, jump toward the target location – massive damage) are easily handled in the first phase, but you don’t want to bother with them later on, as the boss becomes aggressive. You can eventually kill them all (hit their sides) in phase one. This leaves you and the boss alone, but then, later on, it just causes too much problems. Since killing them takes some time and you might die later on, this is wasted time, as you could have had more tries on the boss.
In conclusion: Focus attacks on Rom’s side, while dodging spiders as much as you can. Keep the aggressive stance until the boss is dead (not at the cost of soaking Rom’s attacks).

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Rewards For Killing Rom, the Vacuous Spider

  • 2x Insight
  • 1x Kin Coldblood (20 000 Blood Echoes on use)
  • 22 600 Blood Echoes
  • Bronze Trophy: “Rom, the Vacuous Spider”

Where to Find Byrgenwerth

Kill Shadows of Yharnam boss in Forbidden Woods. Go through the door that is now open. Shortly after, you should find yourself in a new area called Byrgenwerth.

Where to Find Rom, the Vacuous Spider

Now you have to enter the large mansion. Climb the top floor and collect the key. This key unlocks the door to the balcony. Jump into the water from the balcony. This is when the boss fight starts.
P.S. Don’t forget to unlock the gate next to the house. It is a small but efficient shortcut to the mansion entrance.
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    This boss has a secret mechanic. Raise your insight and find the difficult… . to dodge crystals suddenly much more manageable. Kensei-ken level 202. Invaders fear the + 10 lost Chikagaki with over 600 attack power.

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