Bloodborne The Witch of Hemwick, How To Find & Kill Fifth Boss

The Witches of Hemwick is the fifth boss you’ll fight in Bloodborne. You can actually fight them much earlier in the game.
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You can get to them before you fight and defeat Vicar Amelia or Blood-starved beast. I killed them with my level 17 hunter with basic gear (maybe +2 fortified weapon). It turned out to be a rather easy mini boss (in comparison to others). They are found in Hemwick Charnel Lane. The best prize for defeating the boss is actually an item you pick up right after the fight – the Rune Workshop Tool. This item allows you to use the rare Caryll runes to upgrade your character, so you should really get to it early if you want the buff these runes provide. In this guide we will show you how to get to The Witch of Hemwick boss, how to kill it, and what rewards you’ll get for doing so. We also have guides on other Bloodborne Bosses.

How To Beat The Witches of Hemwick

  • Search for the corners of the room for the stealthed Witch.
  • Due to a short time frame you have for damaging the enemy, attack her with the most powerful weapon from the back.
  • Have fun! This is an easy boss.
This is a rather easy boss to kill. You can engage in combat with even 0 Blood vials, naked, without any armor on (carry your weapon though). Combat is quicker if you engage with fortified weapon (you can fortify your weapon at Hunter’s dream where you repair it).

The whole point of the fight is to find the hidden Witch of Hemwick. This is not the creature you see walking slowly toward you once you enter the boss area. Witch remains stealth until you get close to her. The creature that is visible at the start is there more as an annoyance as you should stay away from it throughout the fight. Only kill these when you have to (time is important here)

Once you get close to the hidden Witch hit her with your most powerful attack (charge R2 for example). Upon first damage attack you’ll only have a couple of moments until she disappears again, so make it count and do more damage. You are wrong to think the fight is over once you kill the first Witch. There is now another witch that spawns in the room. The first one you thought you killed gets back up and starts to regenerate a bit. At this time more of the scythe wielding visible creatures join the combat. Pay attention on their movement while you search the edges of the room for the Witches.

The Witches have a few attacks. When they start to glow red dodge away (not the same glow as when they start running away into stealth once you hit them). This attack is survivable by a lvl 17 character in Black Church Set. They also have another nasty attack when you get them to very low health. They shoot magic missiles that stun you and then feed on you removing a large portion of your health. Scythe wielding enemies join in on killing you while you are stunned like this, so this could end the fight. Dodge white missiles and red orb AOE for an easy kill. Two leftover witches share health so if you are just killing one the other gets damaged as well. They are usually right next to each other so when you damage one and make it go stealth look for another very close by and damage it as well.

Rewards For Killing The Witch of Hemwick

  • 4x Bloodshot Eyeball (Material used in a Holy Chalice ritual)
  • 2x Insight
  • 11 800 Blood Echoes
  • Bronze Trophy: “The Witch of Hemwick”.
  • Reveals an entrance to the room with the Rune Workshop Tool (Usage of Caryll runes at Memory Altar in the Hunter’s Dream area).

Where to Find Hemwick Charnel Lane Area

In Cathedral Ward there is a boss called Vicar Amelia. At the bottom of the long stairs that lead to Vicar Amelia’s chamber you have to turn left (right if you come from Vicar Amelia’s chamber). This path leads toward a tunnel. As you go through this tunnel you enter an open graveyard area. Follow the path that leads toward the only exit. At the end of the path is the wooden door. Open it and couple of steps further there is a lamp post of the Hemwick Charnel Lane Area.

Where To Find The Witch of Hemwick

You are now at the lamp of Hemwick Charnel Lane Area. There is only one way that leads through this area up to the shortcut gate. Screenshots bellow will guide you through the area and up to the boss’ room.
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