Lost Legion Invasion - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Main Mission Guide

You and Handsome Jack will try to get off of Helios station in the second mission of Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel – Lost Legion Invasion. All escape ships get destroyed so you will have to find a more creative way to get off the space station.
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Once you do get yourself to Pandora’s moon you’ll have to get some oxygen with a little help from a friendly mechanic – Janey Springs.


Hndsome Jack tries to activate security protocols, but that plan backfires and you have to Destroy turrets that become hostile (they are above Jack – just shoot them). You’ll try to Get to Escape Ships, but on your way there you’ll come across the Lost Legion’s commander – Colonel T. Zarpedon and her trusty alien companion. Follow Jack as you listen to some dialogue and back story. As you are trying to Find an alternate escape route you will jump into a somewhat open area where you will have your first mini-boss fight of the game. You will have to face and kill Flameknuckle and his reinforcements.

Defeat Flameknuckle

Flamenuckle can be a pain due to his tendency to set you on fire. He has a few reinforcements you need to dispatch of once they spawn. Jack will be helping you and if you get the boss to shoot at Jack you can shoot the gas tanks he has hanging on his back. This will do critical damage. Once his power suite is destroyed you just need to fight him like any other human adversary and aim for the head for critical shots.You next objective will be to enable the Moonshot Cannon, which is a goods transport mechanism that uses “bullets” to transfer stuff to the moon. Just walk across the railing into the bullet and wait for Jack to move you and the bullet into the adjacent room. Once you are there go to the back of the room and climb into the stuck elevator. Melee the obstruction to go down and meet with Handsome Jack. Before you leave the space station go in the back to pick up a treasure chest with some nice weapons and ammo.You’ll find yourself on the moon where Springs will offer help. Follow her and use green glowing circles on the ground and Air Dome Generator to get some oxygen (if you are playing Claptrap you need no oxygen). Once inside Springs’ place she will give you a task to Pick up Oz Kits. They are in a building northeast of Springs’s place. Move across the plains using the same glowing circles on the ground with jets of air coming out so you do not suffocate. Once at the building activate the Air generator and activate the switch. You will have to Smash Locks, of which there are four, located above and bellow the door (use your melee attack). Inside, you will face two kraggons, which you can shoot on sight, and pick up the life saving Oz kit next. Go back to Springs for your reward.


XP: 35
Money: 22$
Achievement / Trophy: Invaders Must Die (bronze)
Gear: Springs’ Oz Kit
Springs Oz Kit

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