Welcome to Helios - Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel Story Mission

Welcome to Helios is the first mission in Borderlands: The Pre-Sequel. It introduces the players to game mechanics as you make your way to Handsome Jack, while space station Helios is under attack by Dahl forces. Just follow CL4P-TP unit while killing some enemies and get your reward from Handsome Jack.


As you meet CL4P-TP unit you find out that Helios space station you crash landed on is under attack by the Lost Legion forces. Robot will guide you around while you shoot at enemies as you make your way to Handsome Jack, who seems to be overwhelmed at that moment. Remember to loot containers along the way for some extra ammo. Once you revive Jack he will end the mission and reward you with your first shield item. Mission has three easy objectives for you to follow: Follow CL4P-TP unit, Get to Jack and lastly Protect Jack


XP: 107
Money: 22$
Gear: Dinky Shield

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