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You get Tales from Elpis optional mission from Janey Springs, a mechanic with a hearth of gold, once you complete the second Main Story mission “Lost Legion Invasion“. Mission requires you to locate several “children stories” Springs wrote and managed to lose along the way.
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We get to discover some back story about Janey and why she sometimes seems a bit on the other side of sanity.Exit her garage and go southwest. If you approach the mission objective marker from above you will not be able to see the first children’s story. jump down onto the platform with an air geyser. On that platform should be a rock formation, which you can shoot to enable an air stream. If you look up you will notice the story hanging from the wreckage and above the abyss. Jump into the air stream and it will take you all the way up to the ECHO story. Grab it mid air and use your double jump to glide back to the platform. It might take a few tries to complete this.You will next visit the place of great tragedy for Janey. There might be some kraggor along the way, but trhey are easily killed. Find the second ECHJO story inside Springs’ old camp.Next step of the quest will spawn a kraggor named Son of Flamey. He is not too tough, but remember to kill the grandsons of Flamey that spawn from his corpse. You also get to pick up the third Echo story from his corpse location.Return to Springs for your reward (nice little sniper rifle that proves to be very useful early on).


XP: 160
Money: 11$
Gear: Banbury Jericho

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