Call of Duty Ghosts Extinction Prestige Relics

Extinction Prestige Relics
When you reach rank 30 of Extinction in Call of Duty: Ghosts, the game will automatically decrease your rank to 1, but don’t worry, all weapons and gear unlocks will be available. After the maximum level, you will unlock five Prestige Relics which make the game more difficult, but you’ll receive more XP and more points as well. You can choose any of the following Relics described in the list below:

  1. Take more damage – Aliens deal more damage
  2. Pistols only – You can’t use or buy any other weapons except pistol
  3. Smaller wallet – You’ll receive less money from Aliens per kill, and you can carry less cash
  4. Mortal – No class selection is available
  5. Do less damage – You deal less damage to the aliens
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  1. J

    If you play with the earn less money relic. Can you coincide with engineer perk to earn more, or does it cancel it out all together?

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