How to Get Mirrors Blueprint in MW3

Not sure how to get the Mirrors Blueprint in MW3? Call of Duty Modern Warfare 3 Season 1 has been out for a couple of days! However, that’s not the only new thing at the start of December when it comes to Call of Duty. Those of you who love competitive Call of Duty and the professional esports scene are probably aware that the new COD League season has also kicked off. And to get everyone pumped up, Activision has brought back Call of Duty League Viewership Rewards. Here’s how to unlock them.

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How to Get Mirrors Blueprint in MW3
How to Get Mirrors Blueprint in MW3

How to Get Mirrors Blueprint in Modern Warfare 3

The 2024 Call of Duty League season has officially kicked off. The opening weekend was spectacular, with impeccable production and many nail-biting matches. However, even if you are not a particular fan of esports events, there are still many reasons to tune in. By “many reasons”, we, of course, mean many rewards! Call of Duty League Viewership Rewards are back in the 2024 season. The main purpose is not only to reward the loyal fans of the league with some in-game goodies but also to incentivize some potential new viewers to come and enjoy the action as well. The opening weekend rewards were especially alluring. In particular, we absolutely love the Mirrors Blueprint in MW3.

So, how do you unlock the Mirrors Blueprint in MW3? Unfortunately, to the best of our knowledge, this blueprint is no longer available. The blueprint was given away as a Viewership Reward for the third day of the opening weekend. Hence, you were only able to unlock it after two hours of watching the COD League on Sunday, December 11th.

While the blueprint is currently not available, that doesn’t mean that it will stay like that forever. We are quite sure that Activision will eventually add the Mirrors Blueprint in the MW3 in-game shop. We will update this article the moment we learn about any changes in this regard.

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