Monopoly GO Gingerbread Galore Rewards List

In our Monopoly GO Gingerbread Galore Rewards List guide, we are first going to give you a list of all the milestones you can hit in the event, how many Points each requires, and what you’ll earn for getting there. After that, we’ll explain how to play Gingerbread Galore. Lastly, we’ll discuss whether there are any links that grant you free Gingerbread Houses. Here we go!

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monopoly go gingerbread galore rewards list
Monopoly GO Gingerbread Galore Rewards List

All Monopoly GO Gingerbread Galore Rewards List

There are fifty different milestones you can hit in Monopoly GO Gingerbread Galore list, each milestone granting you a different reward. These can vary from Pickaxe Tokens and Dice Rolls to Sticker Packs of different rarities. Let’s get right into it!

MilestonePoints RequiredGingerbread Galore Reward
125Green Sticker Pack
2203 Pickaxe Tokens
34025 Dice Rolls
5160100 Free Dice Rolls
6403 Pickaxe Tokens
75015 minutes of Rent Frenzy
855Green Sticker Pack
10400240 Free Dice Rolls
11605 Pickaxe Tokens
1390Green Sticker Pack
14806 Pickaxe Tokens
16850450 Dice Rolls
171008 Pickaxe Tokens
18110Orange Sticker Pack
1912060 Dice Rolls
2011511 Pickaxe Tokens
211,300700 Dice Rolls
23160Pink Sticker Pack
2417513 Pickaxe Tokens
262,000850 Dice Rolls
27275Blue Sticker Pack
2830016 Pickaxe Tokens
2932515 minutes of High Roller
30400100 Dice Rollers
3245019 Pickaxe Tokens
33500200 Dice Rolls
3465026 Pickaxe Tokens
364,5001,800 Dice Rolls
38900Blue Sticker Pack
4110,0003,500 Rolls Dice Rolls
421,600Purple Sticker Pack
431,70025 minutes of Cash Grab
441,80030 Pickaxe Tokens
462,000800 Dice Rolls
473,00045 Pickaxe Tokens
483,500Purple Sticker Pack
5017,5007,500 Dice Rolls, Purple Sticker Pack

How to Play Gingerbread Galore Event?

If you want to play the Monopoly GO Gingerbread Galore event and get those rewards, I have good news: all you need to do is download the latest update. The event will kick off as soon as you get into the game. You’ll see gingerbread icons on the Chance tiles, the Community Chest tiles, and the Railroads. Landing on Chance grants you a base two Points, Chests grants three, and Railroads five Points. The base amount is then multiplied by your dice multiplier. And that’s all there is to it. Just move around the board and try to maintain your multiplier to get the most points.

Monopoly GO Gingerbread House Free Links?

Nope, there are no free links that will get you more Gingerbread Houses in Monopoly GO, aka the points in the Gingerbread Galore event. This has been the case in every single event. The developers (well, definitely the higher-ups) don’t think want you to get these points for free. I assume it’s because they want you keep you rolling those dice, hoping that you’ll eventually spend money on microtransactions. Yes, they give you free Dice links, but those are paltry compared to what you’ll need to hit all fifty milestones. Unless, of course, you get really lucky and are very careful with how you apply multipliers.

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