How to Complete PHD Flopper Explosions Weekly Challenge in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

The first week of Modern Warfare 3 launch gave us a weekly challenge that demands players get 30 kills with PHD Flopper Explosions in MW3 Zombies mode. This new game mode brought in several new mechanics and you might be confused by what you’re supposed to do here. One of them are this soda drinks you can find in loot caches or buy at special festival shops. Once you consume these drinks you’ll get a special buff. PHD Flopper is one of those drinks. Let me quickly explain what you need to do to finish your weekly or daily challenge involving PHD Flopper explosions in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies.

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PHD Flopper Can Weekly Challenge in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies

How to do 30 Zombie Kills With PHD Flopper Explosions?

PHD Flopper is a buff drink that, when consumed, triggers and explosion when you dive to prone. What this means is that you have to run and press and hold crouch, by default, while running to dive into the prone stance. If you drank the PHD Flopper beforehand this will trigger an explosion that damages surrounding enemies. PHD Flopper explosions increase in strength the higher you fall. This means that if you dive to prone from a top of the building the explosion will be massive. Also, while under the influence of this buff, you get no fall damage while diving and your explosion does not affect you.

mw3 zombies phd popper explosions how to animation

I did this challenge by attracting the attention of a bunch of zombies and climbing on top of a nearby wall. I would than run on top of the wall and press crouch facing the zombie mob that would be bellow me. I would dive into prone among them and explode. It took several tries to get enough to complete the challenge. Do note tthat as soon as you land and explode you need to get up and start running. Otherwise, those zombies you didn’t kill will rip you to shreds.

How to get the PHD Flopper Can in Modern Warfare 3 Zombies?

You can find PHD Flopper can in finished contract reward portals or in rare loot caches. You can also get it as a reward from one of the first MW3 zombies missions. The easiest way though is to look at the map for an icon with a nuclear sign on it. When you hover over it it should say PHD Flopper. This is a special vendor kiosk that you can buy the buff from for that single deployment. I believe it costs 2000 aether. If you get this soda can as a drop before this daily you might want to exfil with it. This will keep it in your acquisitions and you can bring it with you to a deployment once PHD Flopper Explosions daily/weekly challenge happens again.

MW3 Zombies PHD Flopper Can location map

Similar buff was obtrainable in “Call of Duty: Black Ops Cold War”. It was a PhD slider you got from a perk machine.

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